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Access at WSU Service Animals

Service Animal Exclusion Areas

Service animals are generally allowed wherever members of the public or program participants are allowed access.  However, WSU maintains some facilities where the presence of a service animal may represent a direct threat to the safety of people or property or would constitute a fundamental alteration to the nature of the program.  For these facilities WSU may implement a Service Animal Exclusion Area.  Such a designation must be approved by the Service Animal Administrator following the process outlined in Executive Policy #39 the WSU Service and Support Animal Policy.

Current designated Service Animal Administrators:

  • Pullman Campus –  Daniel Records, ADA Coordinator
  • TriCities Campus –  Scott Tomren, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Spokane Campus – Currently in process to designate.
  • Vancouver Campus – No Current Designee
  • Everett campus – No Current Designee

To request that the university consider implementing a Service Animal Exclusion Area, the Senior Administrators responsible for the program or facility must complete the following request form:


List of Current Approved Service Animal Exclusion Areas

WSU Pullman


Steffen Center/WSU Arboretum – Wild Ungulate Facility

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

    • Link to a description  and map of the approved exclusion area (coming soon)
    • Point of Contact for Assistance/Questions:

    Debra Sellon, Associate Dean for Clinical Programs, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

    College of Veterinary Medicine