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Access at WSU Service Animal Exclusion Areas

Steffen Center

E.H. Steffen Center Specific Policy on Service Animals

Within the designated Service Animal Exclusion Area (SAEA) no dog shall be permitted, regardless of status as a trained service animal or otherwise.  The sole exception shall be for a trained service animal in a vehicle en route to the northeastern portion of the Steffen Center (area ‘G’ below).  Outside of the SAEA, and within the confines of the Steffen Center or Arboretum, trained service animals shall be permitted when fully under the control of their handler as required by the ADA and Executive Policy #39, the WSU Service and Support Animal Policy.

Areas of the Steffen Center and WSU Arboretum outside the of the SAEA include, for a total of 27.2 acres where service animals are permitted access:

  • The Steffen Center main classroom/shop/office facility and greenhouse complex (1.8 acres- indicated by “A” in map);
  • A demonstration garden featuring native plants (0.4 acres – indicated by “B” in map);
  • A riparian corridor dominated by large goldtwig willow (3.0 acres- indicated by “C” in map);
  • Grassland with scattered hybrid poplar and ponderosa pine trees (8.8 acres- indicated by “D” in map);
  • Lodgepole, Scotch pine, and ponderosa pine plantation (2.3 acres – indicated by “E” in map);
  • An area of mixed tree species composition (1.3 acres- indicated by “F” in map);
  • An area of grassland, former hybrid poplar plantation, and scattered ponderosa pine saplings (9.6 acres- indicated by “G” in map);