Service Animals in Training

Under the Washington Administrative Code pets are not allowed in university facilities, this includes indoor, outdoor and athletic facilities.  Refer to WAC 504-36-020 for exceptions, which includes trained service animals.

Service animals in training are not protected under state or federal law and, therefore, are not allowed in public spaces without proper authorization. Should you wish to bring a service animal in training (SAiT) into WSU Pullman facilities or programs, you must first apply for and be approved for an SAiT waiver. This process includes completion the application below and an interview with the handler and the animal. Please note that SAiT Waivers are only available for the WSU Pullman campus at present.

An approved SAiT Waiver will not include WSU residence halls if an SAiT handler is training an SAiT for a third party. Only students training service animals for their own use may be approved for SAiT Waivers in residence halls.

Additionally, if the SAiT handler is a WSU employee, the handler must submit written approval from their supervisor in order to receive a Waiver and bring the animal to their workplace. The employee must submit their supervisor’s written approval via email to and prior to WSU scheduling a Waiver interview. 

The following is a list of the basic requirements to apply for an SAiT Waiver. However, satisfying all of these requirements does not guarantee that a Waiver will be issued. SAiT Waivers are granted at the sole discretion of the university.

  • The SAiT handler must have a demonstrated history of training such animals;
  • The SAiT must be a dog;
  • The SAiT must be a minimum of six months old;
  • The SAiT must be housebroken;
  • The SAiT must not represent a direct threat to others or property (knowledge of the dog’s past threatening or violent behavior must be disclosed);
  • The SAiT must be under the immediate control of their handler at all times;
  • The SAiT handler is responsible to remove for disposal any fecal matter deposited by the animal on university premises before the handler leaves the area where the matter was deposited; and
  • If the SAiT handler is a WSU employee, the handler must provide written approval from their supervisor to bring the animal into their workplace.

To start the application process, please complete the SAiT Application Waiver Request.


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Shannon Spalding, Public Safety