Accessible Web Content for All Users

In accordance with Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer Policy 188, Executive Policy 7, and BPPM 85.55, WSU is committed to providing equal access to electronic and information technology for all students, staff, faculty, and others with disabilities. This includes the accessibility of instructional materials, documents, media, and other information provided through WSU’s telecommunication products, websites, online learning services, software systems, and information kiosks.

Report A Web Accessibility Issue

If you are having trouble accessing content on a WSU website, please provide us with information about your concern. We will work to address the issue as quickly as possible. To report a concern, please visit the Web Accessibility Complaint Form.

If you would like to file a report or a formal complaint regarding web accessibility, you may do so at the CCR Sharing Concerns page.

Web Accessibility Complaints

Complaints regarding non-accessible technology can be made to the Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator or Report a Web Accessibility Issue.


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