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Access Pregnant and Parenting

Pregnant and Parenting

Pregnant and Parenting Students and Employees

Washington State University (WSU) strives to provide an environment where student are able to work successfully towards graduation, and employees can continue to meaningfully contribute to the workplace, including those students or employees who experience pregnancy, child birth, health conditions related to pregnancy, termination, recovery, and/or the need to care for a newly adopted child or foster child.

For students, WSU will provide equal access to services, school programs, and extracurricular activities to pregnant and parenting students as they would to any other students.  For employees, WSU Human Resources Services can assist employees with needs relating to their employment.  In addition, WSU Human Resources Services provides information on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

In addition to medical leave, the FMLA may be used for the birth of a child, placement of an adopted or foster child, and childcare for children under one year of age.

Resources for Students:

Depending on your situation, you may request additional support and/or leave from a variety of university resources.  The below list can help you identify the appropriate resource for your needs.

If you are experiencing temporary complications or other medical conditions while pregnant:
You may be eligible for accommodations through your campus’s disability support services.  The below offices provide accommodations and services to students with disabilities, psychological or medical conditions, or temporary injuries/conditions.

If you are experiencing academic challenges due to typical pregnancy conditions, (e.g. morning sickness, doctor’s appointments, etc) or due to childcare needs:
Student affairs employees can help you navigate university policies and academic regulations.  The below offices work with university and community partners , to advise students about services, resources, and options that support their success and provide guidance and assistance during times of challenge, crisis, complexity or emergency.

If you are experiencing discrimination or harassment due to pregnancy or childcare needs:
You may file a report with the Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO).  OEO carefully reviews concerns involving discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct.  OEO conducts investigations and engages in alternative resolution processes, as needed.  To file a complaint:

  • Submit through the online complaint form
  • Submit by phone: 509-335-8288
  • Submit via email:
  • Submit via mail:
    WSU Office for Equal Opportunity
    French Administration Building, Room 225
    Pullman, WA 99164-1022

Resources for Employees:

Human Resource Services (HRS) can assist employees with needs relating to their employment.  HRS provides expertise, consultation, and education on a variety of human resource topics including organizational effectiveness, benefits, employee relations, classification/compensation and recruitment, leave processes and training and development.

The below offices can consult with you regarding pregnancy and childcare needs:

In addition, the HRS Disability Services unit is responsible for overseeing a host of system wide leave and disability related programs and services such as

  • Medical leave
  • Pregnancy related leave
  • Military related leave
  • Long term disability claims
  • Reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Shared leave

Visit the HRS Disability Services Website for more information.