Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Veterinary Teaching Hospital Specific Policy on Service Animals

No trained service animals or service animals in training are permitted in the designated Service Animal Exclusion Area (SAEA). Outside of the SAEA, and within the confines of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, trained service animals shall be permitted when fully under the control of their handlers, as required by the ADA and Executive Policy #39, the WSU Service and Support Animal Policy.



Veterinary Teaching Hospital Map Legend

Pink areas include large animal facilities, sterile surgery corridor and related access points, and small animal treatment/examination/housing and boarding areasSAEA

Note: Handlers may board their service animals in the housing/boarding areas, at no charge, while handlers access SAEAs in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Blue areas are designated "no student access" and include custodial closets, communication closets, electrical areas, etc.Appropriate for service animals working with authorized personnel
Gray areas include hallways and the general lobby/reception area for Veterinary Teaching Hospital clientsAppropriate for service animals working with handlers
Yellow areas primarily include offices, laboratories, and imaging areasAppropriate for service animals working with handlers