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Request a Waiver for a Service Animal in Training

In accordance with Washington Administrative Code (WAC), animals are not allowed in buildings owned or controlled by Washington State University with limited exceptions under WAC 5054-36-020: Control of Animals.  Waivers to this policy may be granted, on a case by case basis, for Service Animals in Training by the WSU ADA Coordinator.

Prior to consideration for a waiver, individuals must articulate/demonstrate a history and experience training service animals; animals under the age of 6 months will not qualify for waivers, nor will animals that are not housebroken.  Receiving a waiver is a privilege that can be revoked at any time.  The rights and comfort of individuals within the campus community precede the waiver and privileges granted therein of the handler and dog in training.  A person requesting a waiver should anticipate any potential concerns with administration, supervisors, or building authorities and discuss them with appropriate persons prior to requesting a waiver.  Submission of this request does not guarantee approval of a waiver and additional information may be requested at the discretion of the ADA Coordinator.  Individuals are expected to request a waiver well before obtaining, or bringing the animal to campus.

Requests are made to WSU’s ADA Coordinator in writing and will include the following information:

  • Handler Name, WSU ID #, Contact Information, WSU Campus location, Employer Department Information and/or Relevant Supervisor’s Contact Information;
  • Reason for requesting a waiver;
  • Handler’s qualifications, certifications, history and/or experience handling and training dogs to become service animals;
  • Name of the organization, group, or program providing the dog in training, and ongoing training;
  • The steps that have already been taken to prepare for the dog’s arrival on campus.  For example: instructors/supervisors/building authorities that have been contacted or other permissions granted;
  • Information about the dog: name, age, breed, housebroken, training etc.;
  • Handler’s plan for removing the dog from campus buildings/classrooms in the event it becomes distracting;
  • Information about alternative handlers/sitters to help care for the animal and consider if they will need a waiver; and
  • Residence life or University Apartment housing information if applicable.

Handlers may be required to demonstrate that the dog can remain calm and quiet for a period of time.  OEO may request information from faculty, instructors, and/or staff to verify accordance with Service Animal in Training Waiver policies.


WSU ADA Coordinator:
Kimberly D. Anderson
French Administration, Room 225
PO Box 641022
Pullman, WA 99164-1022